Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Smokey days

The last few days of living in the central Okanagan has been strange. In one day, 3 forest fires broke out, and two of them dangerously close to residential, causing thousands of evacuations. The fires were far from our home, but concern for friends and their homes is real, and it is a rather strange feeling to have your vehicle covered in ash falling from the sky. It has also been strange to remember how last time our city had major forest fires was the year we first moved to China, and now they happen again the same year we are moving. Things that make you go hm.....

I have not been here for a while. There really has not been much to post about. My thoughts every day are
"I should pack

But we don't know exactly when we are going yet

Yes, but you could be all the more prepared and keep packing

Yes I could, but it is hot and I don't feel like it

But you still should

I know I should,,,but......

Tomorrow, tomorrow i will pack

Maybe, but it sure would be nice to have those tickets

Maybe I am going crazy

Well, you are talking to yourself......."

and so on.

We had a luncheon at our place of fellowship on sunday as a farwell to us going. wow. I am still processing that. We felt so blessed and honored. Hard to take in all that was spoken over - to us. I think the greatest honor was people saying how our lives had encouraged them. My heart cry has always been that my life, not my words, or my deeds, but my life would be a witness to others of our fathers amazing work in my life. My every day walk of highs and lows. Our journey. So, to have others say that it has leaves me speechless. Also, to know that we are going with the support of many is a treasure we don't hold lightly. Last time we went, our support system was thin. Hubby and I stand back in amazement at how he has created a community of friends around us. Organic relationships. Life. Makes it harder and easier to go.

But my thoughts have been on 'his' perfect timing. Not my timing, or my thinking I know the right timing, but truly waiting for his. This has been a major lesson we have been learning in these last five years. And I was thinking of how we could have gone ahead, and forged our own way to China. But what we would have missed out on. Living a life of waiting for his words of life. Walking knowing that I am exactly where he wants me to be, even when the wind blows hard, or the sun feels too hot. He is my rock and strong tower that can never be shaken. For that I am thank-ful.

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  1. Thanks for this post. I am encouraged by your life! Most def!
    Waiting for God's timing; it must take a lot of time to learn to wait for his time, which always turns out to be the RIGHT time! (my thoughts as of late)