Thursday, May 14, 2009

More good-byes

Well, today I honestly feel like whining about how hard it is to wait, how much I want to complain that I have learned all the lessons one can learn from waiting and so...............oh yah, oops, uhhh, yah, okay, guess I will stop there.

We have finally figured out what visa we need, and have sent in the application. And so again, it is all perfectly out of our hands. This has been a bit of a pattern with us in this process it seems. And an interesting one. I love it for the most part. It truly gives me a very clear sense of my life not being my own. So, today I must remind myself to leave it there.

This last weekend we went to visit hubby's mom and dad. They are only a few hours away, but there is a major mountain pass between us, and I admit, I have grown to hate driving that road in the winter, so we don't get to see them as often as we wish we could. The kids love love love going to visit Grandma. Again, memories being made. The room we stay in is like a cozy hideaway. The kids adore the little beds Grandma creates for them. She works her grandma magic with pillow, blankets and cushions creating little nooks for their growing bodies. And then to top it off, there is a TV with Cable in the same room, so we all wake up and watch cartoons together while snuggling. It was another hard good-bye, and the kids begged us to be able to stay longer. Tears were shed, and many hugs hugged. As we were trying to leave, I found one of the kidlets tucked in his bed, trying to hide because he didn't want to go. They are tired of good-byes for now. Then again, if this process takes long, there is a chance we may see them again?!!

Just don't tell grandma.


  1. I can feel with your kids because I really, really hate saying goodbye.

  2. Oh the memories of goodbyes. Painful stuff. Our kids still pine for Kelowna at times. Almost entirely around the friends they left. It won't be easy for your three, but they are adventurers and will find new things that help them not miss Grandma, the snuggle beds and neighbourhood friends as much.