Tuesday, May 19, 2009

garage sale photo's

We had our first 'get rid of it all' sale on Sat. It was great. We sold alot and it passed very quickly. We all got up early to set up, including my lovely little people. They were so cute. They each wanted to their own blanket and keep track of their own money. (plus this is a great math lesson hehehe). By just after 7 we were all set up, the kids sitting in their chairs, anxiously awaiting all the big spending customers to come their way. By 7:15 we heard them discussing why no one was coming and how long this was taking. They had a whole system going on. One person would stand on the street watching for cars, while the other two would play or meander. Upon sight of a car coming (two blocks away), the person on guard would shout 'get to your chairs they are coming they are coming quick quick get to your table!!!!!'. They would all run to their stations and wait, thinking of all the money they were going to make. They all did very well, and became awesome salesmen/women.

'Okay we are ready, now what is taking all the customer so long!"

'Still waiting..................'

A lot of work, but a lot of fun.

Being someone who loves garage saleing, I laid out to my hubby how the morning would go. First the early birdies (they know what they want, mostly elderly men), then came the next wave of early birdies - mostly elderly couples. Next would be the groups of women, ready to go with a coffee in hand, then the families and younger singles would follow.

By the 'women with coffee stage' he was busting a gut laughing at the strange range of knowledge that I have accumulated.

Mostly we had wonderful friendly people and it was fun to see and watch. But there is one story I have to share. Hubby was selling his tools, and a man was looking at his power planner which was in almost new condition. The price we had it at was already a great deal, but he was trying to get hubby to lower it. His last attempt at getting the price lowered was one of the funniest we heard all day. This is what he said

"I am not really sure how much I am actually going to use it, soooo, for $20 I could let it sit there, but for $25.......well......I don't know"

I am sure that reasoning makes sense on some level, but I am definitely not on that level.
Needless to say, we laughed and shook out heads.

All in all it was a wonderful day, and tomorrow I will begin getting ready for the next one.

Me ready for the day to be done. And Sammy counting our money in the background.


  1. This is totally hilarious - and totally true!!! Love it.

  2. Memories from the corners of my mind........