Saturday, December 4, 2010

4 hours

Today was Musical Performance Day at the school. The kids and I had decided to go with Brad even before we knew. I was excited to find out the performances were today because I had seen the students working on their songs and skits for a while now.
We got to the school around 9:45 and hung around till it started at 11. The first few songs were solo's and duets. Beautiful worship songs by some very talented students. My heart especially burst as one girl sang of her love for the Father. We have had many conversations talking about whether the Creator is indeed real and in love with her or not. Recently she has proclaimed her love for Him in return, and today as she sang her heart out to him, I felt my heart burst with joy for her.
After these songs it went on to bigger group singing, then onto skits.
Please remember this was all in Cantonese, with a few songs sung in English.
By about 12:30 my kids were telling me of their hunger pains. It is common to not have lunch at a common time at the school so I told them to hang on. They did so good listening and even still able to enjoy the show. By about 2:oo they were pretty much slumped over in their chairs as far as a kid could sit without falling right off. Poor kids. At 2:3o I said they could go out and play. At 3:00 we had a bun.
As we stepped off the sampan from the school, we made a deadline for McD's to put some food into our stomachs. WRONG THING TO DO! Now we felt still hungery but sick.
When will I learn. It doesn't really matter how cheap and fast and maybe even a little teeny tiny bit tasty McD's is, it is disgusting and we always feel sick after eating it. Dumb mummy!

Anyways, it was an interesting day. A good day. I never thought I would be able to sit for 4hrs of something that I understood almost nothing of. But I did, and I enjoyed it. It was fabulous to see the students being creative, talented, and acting like typical crazy teenagers. Reminded me of some crazy skits me and my friends put on in at RJC. We thought it was hilarious, and everyone else just laughed because we were laughing so hard. Well, some people laughed. Anyways, before I digress.....

It was a good day. And today I realized again, I love those students! They have captured my heart. I am glad we are here!


  1. I was so glad to have you guys there for it too! You are all such a blessing to those kids.

  2. Wow, sounds like you're doing some exciting things! Blessings to you guys! We p for you every day.....hope all is well with you.