Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer days are upon us

Summer days are here. Although, blessedly enough it is 'unusually cool' here. So the days have been a beautiful 28, very low humidity, sunny days. Well, we did have rain last week, but it was lovely. Walking to the village under my umbrella reminded me of summer camp and sleeping in a tent on raining nights.

Our schedule for now is learning, lunch, chores, unfinished work, then off to the beach until supper time. Wonderful and lovely. Perfect really.
We decided when the temps and humidity soar, we will adjust our schedule.
Then we will go the eat early breaky, swim, learn, eat lunch, learn, wait for temps to drop, then go back to the beach for the evening. Eating many fruits smoothies and salads. I have found the most delicious chicken salad ever, and we are all hooked!

Today while we were swimming we were suddenly chased from the waters as 10-15 jelly fish of varying sizes creeping up. It was amazing to see them so close up. They were perfectly clear, like many big bowls of clear jelly. In some we could even see the fish inside waiting to be consumed! They allowed themselves to be brought to the beach to the waves, then sailed off on the next current. Mesmerizing.

Nefeshya and Sammy have been swimming as far out as their emotions will let them (it gets deep very quickly), and Ethan is learning to close his mouth when he swims so it doesn't taste like he just swallowed a box of salt! These are amazing days that I am so thank-ful for.
There have been days of late that I have struggled with how to be a homeschooling mom while 'on the field'. How to balance my time and effort. There are so many opportunities to get involved in. Opportunities that are some of my hearts greatest desires. But then, being a homeschooling mom is also one my greatest hearts desire, so I choose to place that first, and ask for wisdom for all opportunities that pass my way right now.
Tonight as I kissed Feshya good-night she said ' Mom - you are the best teacher in the world'. Ahhhh, that was some sweet ointment on my soul. Thank-you daughter.


  1. Sounds like an amazing schedule, and so much fun. Nothing like going to the beach and cooling off for sure. You are doing a good job!

    Blessings to you and your family!!!

  2. Well Cris
    that's because you have The Greatest Teacher within you, and you move with HIM.
    Happy Father's Day all of you- i love u